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Have you ever sat down in a restaurant and ordered what you thought was a healthy meal, only to have something unhealthy (and unexpected) show up on your plate? I imagine that most of us have, and it happened to me recently.

I was recently out to dinner and ordered grilled fish with a side of steamed vegetables and a side of sautéed vegetables (light on the oil and no butter please!). Well, it arrived as ordered, but there was also a side of heavily-buttered garlic mashed potatoes right there on my plate.

Now in this situation we have, I believe, five choices (maybe you can think of more).

  1. Eat the mashed potatoes. (Hello. Does “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips” sound familiar? Momentary bliss followed by feelings of regret and, possibly, physical discomfort from all that butter?)
  2. Eat only what we ordered – not always so easy, right? But doable if we keep our motivation in mind, the reasons why we really don’t want to eat the heavily-buttered mashed potatoes!
  3. Ask the server to remove the mashed potatoes. (“Out of sight, out of mind” – or, at least, out of our immediate reach. Having the server remove them (sooner rather than later) is probably a good idea if we feel that our resolve is not strong that day.)
  4. Ask for a box for the potatoes and take them home. (Hmm. We might fool ourselves into thinking that we’re taking them home for someone else to enjoy – but why would we feed a loved one something that is loaded with cholesterol?).
  5. Put them on a separate plate or push them off to the side of the plate. (Still in the danger zone.)

In fact, on this recent occasion I chose option 5 – I pushed them off to the side of the plate. In doing so, I ended up with a bit of butter-laden mashed potato on my fork and, you know what, I tasted it and savored it and enjoyed it and felt perfectly satisfied because I’d done so –  without any regret whatsoever because it was just a taste.

Sometimes, all we need is a little taste of something to feel satisfied and this helps us avoid those feelings of deprivation that can interfere with our resolve.

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