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How long does it take to eat (inhale?) a candy bar? Maybe 30 seconds – or less?

Sometimes clients will tell me, “I know that when I’m feeling stressed I should do some relaxation strategies – but I just don’t have the time. I barely have time to breathe.” The candy bar (or the pint of ice-cream mindlessly eaten in front of the TV after a long hard day) is merely a way to simply numb out. But their effects are SO short – and we barely taste them when we consume them (and use them) in this fashion! And we often feel lousy right after we do this – we come crashing down physically, and our inner critic all too quickly starts up with the negative self-talk – again. We very soon feel physically blah and emotionally even lower than we did before we inhaled whatever we just inhaled.

Sometimes when I talk about mindfulness meditation or other relaxation techniques people will tell me that they already tried it and it doesn’t work for them. Or it takes too long. Or it’s impossible with the kids running around and needing their complete attention, the baby crying, the looming deadline, the messy house, and so on. I completely understand.

So just take 30 seconds to simply breathe – slowly and deeply. Tune in to what you’re needing and what you’re feeling right now. Don’t worry if the tears come. The sadness will pass. Just give yourself the gift of breathing, the gift of tuning in, the gift of self-awareness, the gift of being curious and interested, the gift of caring, the gift of listening – to yourself. Don’t worry if what you’re needing right now is not something you can immediately get for yourself. Just listen to your heart and give yourself some empathy and validation – just as you would a dear friend or loved one who is feeling overwhelmed the way you are right at this moment.

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