Are you ready to finally get off the
weight-loss/weight-regain rollercoaster you’ve been riding for so long? Maybe for years?

 If so, you’re going to want the tools you need to finally be able
to maintain your hard-earned weight loss
for the rest of your life.

You’ve lost the weight and you feel great, but now what? You’ve been here before, at your healthy goal weight. You’ve tasted the sweet taste of victory and you’ve savored it, but only for a while. Something always seems to happen—you get overwhelmed by the demands of life or by your emotions, and somehow the pounds come piling on again.

You don’t want this to happen to you again! You’re sick and tired of traveling this road. Your self-esteem takes a nosedive, maybe your health, too. You get pulled down emotionally, and maybe your wallet also suffers because you end up shelling out money for new clothes—and maybe the latest new “diet” program too—each time you gain and lose weight.

Does this sound familiar to you? It sounds all-too-familiar to me.

You see I’ve been there. I know what it feels like—emotionally, physically, and spiritually—to be burdened with a large amount of unwanted weight. I was stuck on the weight-loss/weight-regain rollercoaster for many decades of my life, and I know how painful and how frustrating this can be. But, that was 125 pounds ago. As a result of my own struggle, I've developed a passion for helping other people avoid what I myself have gone through, and that’s what led to the development of my weight management programs.

I’m passionate about teaching people the psychological and emotional skills they need to help them be successful at leaving the unwanted weight behind forever, so they can leave this suffering behind forever. I walk the maintenance walk every day of my life, using the principles I teach in my programs. Keeping the weight off is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a lot of hard things!), but I can assure you that it’s totally worth it!

In my experience with students in my programs, most people know exactly what they need to do to keep the unwanted weight off. You know what to eat and what not to eat, and you know how much you should be exercising, so what is it that’s stopping you from doing what you know you need to do?

In my experience with students in my programs, most people know
exactly what they need to do to keep the unwanted weight off.

You know what to eat and what not to eat, and you know how much you should be exercising, so what is it that’s stopping you from doing what you know you need to do?

Usually, it’s about one or more of these things:

The motivation is there, but it's sometimes hard to sustain when the pressures of life get to you. The same old triggers that have always been lurking in the background can sneak up on you, unconsciously bringing back those old automatic habits that kept you stuck on the weight-loss/weight-regain rollercoaster and piling on the pounds.

Sometimes, you can also get stuck in unproductive ways of thinking. There are so many demands on your time and energy that finding an ounce of energy to take care of yourself sometimes feels impossible. Life's ongoing stress and the unexpected things that tend to crop up can sometimes leave you feeling floored. We also have so many social connections and entertainment activities that revolve around food and eating. On top of all that, sometimes your emotions are just plain overwhelming.

You know you have to fix this once and for all.

You don’t want to regain the weight (and then some) again, and without some essential tools, you’re at risk of doing just that. I know, because it happened to me—over and over again.

Think about how life could be for you if you could bid farewell to the weight-loss/weight-regain rollercoaster forever. Can you imagine finally being free from this awful cycle? What would that would feel like to you? What would it feel like to not have to worry about regaining weight again? Can you savor that feeling for just a moment?.

In my 4-week Mindful Maintenance program,
I will teach you easy tips and tricks that will allow you to:

  • Harness the power of mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Effectively pay attention to your body and its needs
  • Figure out how to feed yourself what you’re actually hungry for
  • Successfully deal with your feelings and with stress, without turning to food
  • Plan for challenges, demands and triggers so they don’t trip you up like they have in the past
  • Avoid contagious eating
  • Manage social pressures
  • Build on your successes

One of my students, Maria, complained that she felt unappreciated by her family. The more she became irritated by this, the more she tended to engage in compulsive overeating. Maria finally figured out that what she was really hungry for was what she described as attention. In exploring this with her, she realized that what she meant by the word “attention” was actually acknowledgement and appreciation for her efforts. I taught her some simple, very doable ways of asking for what she needed, and she was so surprised to realize that when she spoke up, the people who were closest to her were responsive and delighted to help!

Another student, Pam, figured out that she was a boredom eater, and that she was really hungry for novelty and stimulation. It wasn’t hard for her to find some easily-accessible new activities that captured her interest and led to a sharp decrease in her mindless eating.

Tammy had a stressful job and a demanding boss. She kept a stash of cookies in her desk drawer and would indulge whenever she was having a tough day. Her weight was gradually creeping up again, and she was eager to learn some new ways of coping. She learned how to stop, take a breath, and ask herself what she really needed. We came up with some fast, do-right-at-your-desk solutions which gave Tammy a breath of fresh air and some much-needed relief from the stress of the moment.

When you sign up for this class, here’s what you will get:

  • Four one-hour telephone classes
  • Effective homework strategies that are a snap to complete—these will immediately transform your eating habits and how you feel about yourself!
  • Lasting confidence that you can do this
  • Freedom from the lifelong struggle to not regain weight
  • The money you’ll save on new clothes and medical expenses
  • Relief from worry about regaining
  • Improved self-esteem and self-image
  • Confidence for every other situation in your life

Can you taste the freedom?

You get all this for only $XX per class!
It's a no-brainer!

Think you can't afford this much? You can't afford not to take this class!

"But I don’t have an hour a week!"

Do you watch TV or play computer games, hang out on social media,
or mindlessly surf the internet? Then you have time to take this class.

"But maybe I won’t be able to do this!"

You can. The techniques are easy to learn.

"How can I trust you?"

These testimonials provided by students in some of my
other programs may offer you some reassurance:

"The class provided a safe format for me to focus on weight management. In thinking about my values, I leaned how my weight problems may prevent me from reaching goals related to my core values. I also learned that being a mindful eater will be helpful, and also the need to plan for meals. I tend to ignore stress, pretend it isn’t impacting me. The class has helped me to realize that it’s detrimental for me to do this. It has helped me be more aware, and to plan for replacement behaviors for emotional eating. I’m more focused on being prepared for meals and snacks."

— Suzanne Anderson, Deer Park, Texas

"I liked the small class size and the open discussion. I learned that emotional eating is playing a key role for me. I’m motivated to change, and I’ve admitted that emotions control my eating—I would never have admitted that before this class. I liked the helpful hints on thought processes. I learned to identify my emotions and stressors, and to process my personal reactions. I have a heightened awareness of my cravings and the knowledge to think differently. Dr Lerner has a unique ability to connect with people by being fully present, listening and caring. The materials were extremely helpful."

— Debbie B.

"I liked the discussions among class members. I learned that I use eating as a distraction when bored, stressed, worried, etc. I learned to be constantly mindful. The more I practice, the better I can do this. As a result of the class, I recognize when I’m prone to overeat, and try to balance those times. The class added an extra layer to help maintain my motivation."

— M.B., Houston, Texas

"I liked the class discussion, helpful tips and strategies. I learned to cope with emotions, identify triggers, recognize harmful thoughts, and improve my coping skills. The class has helped me to better understand how to make better choices, and think about the big picture. I’ve become more aware of when I’m hungry versus eating to fill an emotional void. I’m more aware of emotions, negative habits and strategies for change, and I’m more aware of how to manage impulses, urges and cravings."

— D.F., Pearland, Texas

"I liked the size of the class and the individual discussions. The workbook was helpful and easy to understand. This class has had a positive impact on my eating habits, my weight, my general health care practices, and my relationships with other people. I have no improvements to suggest!"

— Peggy B., Houston, Texas

"Dr. Lerner's class has helped me understand 'why' I sometimes overeat when I'm not hungry. Now that I know why, I've been able to alter my reactions to stress or emotional upsets. I refuse to ever go on another diet and thanks to the homework materials provided for the class I am able to focus on what is really behind my cravings. The Full Mind Weigh has been very successful for me and I recommend it to anyone who has dieted only to gain all the weight back."

— Brenda L., Pearland, Texas

"It gave me the beginning of how to love myself in spite of how others react to me. The homework was very thought-provoking. The reason I took this class was to help me make a plan to change my eating patterns, a plan I could stick to. I have put a plan in place to begin a life change. The class gave me the strength to push forward. I have steps to take when I am feeling stressed."

— M.B., Houston, Texas

"I liked the fact that this class has given me a deep awareness of my emotions, identifying who and what triggers them and how it relates to my eating habits. Most helpful have been techniques on self-soothing and self-validation, very effective strategies for reducing stress, ongoing strategies to incorporate into your daily life. I learned how my body and organs work, and motivating myself—why it's really important to live a healthy lifestyle and manage my weight one day at a time."

— P. Murray, Pearland, Texas

"When I began this class, I was not sure what we would be learning. What a surprise to uncover so much about ourselves and what triggers us towards certain behaviors - like eating! I have learned so much! The content and workbook were great. My eating habits have changed for the better and I am beginning to exercise again. I have a better understanding of me. Thanks, Doreen!"

— Stephanie F., Pearland, Texas

"I liked the stories you shared about overcoming struggles. I learned that I’m an emotional eater, and that I eat mindlessly. I learned to think about my food choices. My level of motivation has increased, and I definitely think about what I am eating and why."

— S.H., Dickinson, Texas

"Doreen is a gentle guide and sweet-spirited educator. Her soft-spoken style leads you to self-discovery and gives you good solid tools to help you make changes in your behavior. I highly recommend this class and am thankful I had the opportunity to take it."

— C.L., Pearland, Texas

"Since taking this workshop I feel very hopeful that with commitment to the methods I have been shown that success is possible, that I can grow as a person and develop healthier habits not just for my physical well-being but for my emotional well-being. I would recommend this class to anyone who struggles with emotional overeating and wants to address more than just the “diet and exercise” of conventional weight loss programs."

— L.F., Pearland, Texas

"Dr. Lerner did a great job of being approachable and making the class relaxed. I never once felt intimidated or judged. I’ve learned to focus less on why I struggle and more on what I can do to change the habits I’ve created for myself and my family. Reframing my eating had a big impact on helping me be less judgmental of myself and helped me to realize this isn’t linked to my self-worth. This eight weeks has really been a time of curiosity, discovery and finding insight. I’m now ready to make changes, Dr. Lerner did a great job of setting an atmosphere where I felt comfortable sharing all of the things that I have NEVER said out loud to another person. It was a great outlet and relief. After years of going through programs and nutritionists, this is what I was looking for and seeking out. I’ve always known how and what to eat, yet wasn’t having success in losing weight because I wasn’t addressing my behaviors or habits."

— Kristin Dickerson, Richmond, Texas

"The class has made me mindful of my eating triggers. It made me more aware of why I am eating. I gained tools to help me in my getting healthy journey. The class discussion was always good. It helps to know you are not the only one struggling. I really enjoyed the class and am glad I made the time to take it."

— B.P., Pearland, Texas

"What I liked best about this class was the discussion and the examples. I learned that I view meals as rewards or treats, and that avoiding problems leads to stress eating. I feel better equipped, and I’m more mindful about my choices. I’m able to recognize emotional eating, and to determine if I’m really hungry."

— A.B., League City, Texas

"I enjoyed learning different strategies and being able to discuss everyone’s ideas. I learned that I use food to satisfy needs other than hunger, such as loneliness, depression and boredom. I can definitely see how the class has reminded me of the importance of eating well, and it has kept me motivated each week. I am more aware of why I want to eat, and I think twice before eating. I welcome physical hunger and don’t 'store up' by eating, anticipating hunger. I don’t eat empty calories on a regular basis now. When I feel an impulse or trigger to eat, I try to think it through before deciding whether to eat or not. The class has made more aware of stress, and that I have a choice of how I deal with it. I have tools to use to soothe myself instead of eating. I really appreciated the constant reminders not to judge myself. I really have enjoyed the class. It’s been very informative and motivating."

— Tina H.

"What I liked best about this class was learning the material in a supportive and nonjudgmental group followed with good discussion and clarification. I learned to view eating triggers with curiosity, no judgment, and not in terms of good and bad. Since having the class the challenge no longer feels so overwhelming. I’ve learned to think rather than react and make better choices. I’m more aware of when I’m eating for reasons other than physical hunger."

— Z.S.

"I liked the camaraderie amongst the class members. I learned that I let my emotions control me—I let anger, stress and depression control my eating. I learned to take a moment to calm down and ask myself why. Now, I have a much deeper respect for myself, my mind and my body as a whole. I actually care what kind of food I put in my body. I now ask myself, 'Do you really need this? Are you really hungry?' I also take the time to calm down and deal with my emotion. When I get with a group of people, I now try to enjoy the interaction instead of the food. If I want something, I watch the portion. I now speak to myself with kindness, and I use different ways of managing emotions, urges and stressors."

— Gina D., Pearland, Texas

What is this worth to you, financially and emotionally? Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars? One new outfit alone, whether you’re losing or gaining yet again, would set you back more than the cost of this entire program!

Class size is very limited so you get maximum individual attention.
This class will fill up fast, so don't wait! Sign up NOW!

I can tell you from personal experience—decades of painful emotions, wanting to avoid the camera (so many vacations and social events with no photos!), even avoiding some social events—that you don’t want to wait to get off the weight-loss/weight-regain rollercoaster. Don’t waste another second of your valuable time regaining or worrying about regaining!

Taking this class doesn't just give you information—you get transformation.
It's not an intellectual exercise, it's an experience.

What you’re going to get is freedom and confidence—things money can’t buy. Freedom from worry, shame, and self-disgust; and freedom from being stuck on the weight-loss/weight-regain rollercoaster ever again, and the confidence that you can do this—confidence that will translate to other important areas of your life.

Save your seat now by clicking here!

So what are you going to do? Take a small risk, try something new, and take this class...or do what you’ve always done, and take the bigger risk of staying stuck on the weight-loss/weight-regain rollercoaster? How badly do you want something different for yourself? If you want a different direction, you have to make a different choice.

I want you to succeed!

Don't wait.

P.S. – I'm offering a bonus for early signups.


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