The Top 5 Mind Hacks you need to make to Stop Regaining the Weight you Lost


1. Get Real about what you’re Really Hungry For

  • Whatever you’re truly hungry for – and it may be affection, validation, friendship, love, fun, meaning, or any number of things – find non-food ways to feed that hunger
  • Be prepared with a supply of emergency non-food fixes – soothing music, a calming tea, a motivational quote, someone to call, a book of poetry – whatever works for you

2. Re-think the word “Exercise”

  • Find a way of moving your body that you love (or at least don’t hate)
  • Move because you love your body and what it can do, not from a place of punishment or self-hate
  • Combine movement with something else you value or enjoy (for example, music, TV, movies, a book, a computer game, a friend you talk to on the phone while you both walk)

3. Never Forget what you Don’t Want to go Back to

  • Don’t let denial trip you up – people can and do regain the weight and it’s so much easier to regain than to keep it off
  • Don’t get complacent – remember the “weight creep” – what I call the gradual weight gain you’re familiar with – that pound here and there that you didn’t take off before the pounds started to pile up on top of each other
  • Don’t forget how things were – the aches and pains you suffered, the weight-related medical conditions you had to deal with, the feeling of your clothes getting tighter, the difficulty you had with everyday tasks like climbing stairs – or whatever else you were dealing with before you lost the weight

4. Drop the Negative Self-Talk

  • Build your self-esteem – you need to believe that you’re worth the hard work it takes to keep the weight off
  • Know that self-care (which includes how you eat) is a gift you give yourself because you love yourself

5. Change the way you think about Food, Eating, and Cooking

  • Learn to see food as fuel for the remarkable machine that your body is, fuel that allows you to carry out your chosen purpose in life with vigor, energy, and passion – and that’s not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy your food!
  • Learn to see the act of preparing healthy food not as a chore or as a form of deprivation, but as something you do to care for yourself and for other people that you care about

My coaching services empower you to Stop Regaining the Weight you Lost, using your existing strengths and resources. Contact me to set up your free initial consultation:

With warm wishes,

Dr Doreen.

Doreen Lerner, Ph.D.

Coaching for Weight Loss Maintenance is not a substitute for medical or psychological evaluation or treatment. If you think you may be suffering from an eating disorder, please consult with a qualified mental health professional who is trained to evaluate and treat eating disorders.



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