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The Full Mind Weigh™ to Lifelong Weight Management, a program of the Institute for Lifelong Weight Management – teaching you the skills you need to keep the weight off forever!

You’re busy – all day – you get so many things done in the course of your day. Perhaps you have a job, or you’re in school, or you take care of a home, family members, pets and plants – maybe all of these. Perhaps you run errands, drive your loved ones where they need to go, cook, clean, wash clothes, pay bills, supervise homework, maybe do your own homework…no doubt, what you get done over the course of a day would make a long, long list. At the end of the day, you just want to flop down on the couch with something to eat – you don’t care what it is, just so long as it fills the hunger inside you and distracts you from your exhaustion.

You take care of everything else and everyone else – but not yourself. There’s simply no energy or time left for YOU.

But often, when we say “I don’t have time!” what we really mean is one or more of the following:

I’m not important.

I’m not a priority.

I don’t make myself a priority.

I don’t ask for help.

I’m afraid to ask for help.

I don’t want to ask for help because they won’t do it the way I want it done.

I’m not assertive – I don’t set limits with people.

I deal with difficult people who won’t cooperate with me.

I’m afraid to say “no” to some things or to some people.

People in my life don’t help, cooperate, care, or listen to me.

I fill my time with things that don’t really matter.

I haven’t learned how to put myself first.

I don’t want to be “selfish” by putting myself first or by saying “no”.

Everything will fall apart if I don’t do it.

On the contrary, everything will eventually fall apart if you don’t take care of yourself!

So where to start?

Discover what you really mean by “I don’t have time”.

Take a very close look at where your time is going, by keeping a time log for at least a month. Beyond the non-negotiable things in your life, what are you spending your time on? What are the least important things that you are spending your time on?

Ask yourself, “What’s the very worst that could happen if I said ‘no’ to…. (here, pick anything that you routinely say ‘yes’ to, despite wishing that you could say ‘no’).

Ask yourself what you’d have to give up – or what you could give up – in order to eat right and to exercise. What are your options? What would it mean – for you, for the people who are important to you – if you were to give up any of these things? What could it mean – for you and for them – if you don’t?

Ask yourself how you’d feel if you were making time to take care of yourself? And what positive impact would this have – for you and for the people who are important to you – if you were taking better care of yourself?

Make a realistic estimate of how much time it would actually take to eat right and exercise – often, we overestimate how much time even small changes would take. So many grocery stores make it easy by offering pre-cut vegetables and fruit – this can save a lot of time.

Once you’ve gathered all this data, sit down and think carefully about how you could start to take better care of yourself.

“Time is the soul of this world.” – Pythagorus

“Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst. “ – William Penn

“Watches are so named as a reminder — if you don’t watch carefully what you do with your time, it will slip away from you.” – Drew Sirtors

“Time is the coin of your life. You spend it. Do not allow others to spend it for you.” – Carl Sandburg

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With your continued health in mind,

Doreen Lerner, Ph.D.

Director, The Institute for Lifelong Weight Management

Creator, The Full Mind Weigh™ to Lifelong Weight Management

The Institute for Lifelong Weight Management provides education and training. The Full Mind Weigh™ is strictly an educational program and is not a substitute for medical or psychological evaluation or treatment. If you think you may be suffering from an eating disorder, please consult with a qualified mental health professional who is trained to evaluate and treat eating disorders.