“If what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to try something different.”

Doreen has over 25 years of experience in helping people overcome challenges and create meaningful, fulfilling lives. She uses her extensive training, knowledge, experience and skills to help people solve their trickiest problems and their deepest dilemmas as they move forward towards their most important goals.

Doreen is a psychologist and wellness coach. She is passionate about working with people who want to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In her personal life Doreen enjoys her family, friends and cats, reading, fitness and theater.

Doreen struggled with her weight for many decades of her life, until she finally figured out what was keeping her from reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. On the way to successful maintenance, she enjoyed temporary success with many different types of “diets” and weight loss programs, including a medically-supervised liquid “diet”.

As a result of her personal struggle – and her work with clients from all walks of life – she is painfully aware of and sensitively attuned to the emotional struggles that go along with being stuck on what she likes to call the weight-loss-weight-regain roller-coaster. Each time she became painfully aware that her weight was creeping up again, as she eventually regained the weight she’d lost plus even more, Doreen felt more and more discouraged and hopeless. She’d pretty much “accepted” that she’d never lick this – despite all her other successes in her life – and that she’d just have to live with the 240 pounds that she eventually was lugging around with her each day – and the multiple problems (medical, physical, social and emotional) that accompanied the pounds of pain and shame.

Until the last time. The last time she lost the weight. Finally, with the help of a trained coach Doreen figured out that she needed to figure out what was going on in her mind that was causing her to continue to regain the weight that she’d lost. As a result, she finally tasted the sweet taste of freedom from the weight-loss-weight-regain roller-coaster she’d been trapped on for so many decades of her life.

Doreen is passionate about sharing what she’s learned with you, and working with you to build effective strategies and create a doable plan that works for your life and your individual circumstances.

Here is how she describes her personal weight management journey:

“I know and understand the pain of re-gaining the weight you worked so hard to lose: no longer fitting into the clothes you love…having to buy bigger and bigger clothes…struggling with everyday things like climbing stairs…developing new aches and pains and weight-related medical problems…no longer wanting to have your photo taken…feeling so self-conscious…wondering what other people are thinking about your latest weight gain…feeling stuck in a painful cycle of emotional and stress eating: gaining weight, feeling worse, eating badly and overeating to cope…I know because I’ve been there.

I became a coach because I want to help you avoid experiencing the same pain – I want to help you transform your life! I’m passionate about working with you to develop the strategies and skills you need to experience the joy and the feeling of empowerment that comes from knowing that–finally, at last–you have what it takes to maintain your hard-earned weight loss—forever.”

Doreen is a member of the American, Texas and Houston Psychological Associations.

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